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The COVID-19 pandemic and the UK-wide lockdown has meant almost all private practice has stopped completely in the UK.

Painful enough if you have an NHS practice, but extremely alarming if your ONLY work is in the private sector. There are a lot of very worried people out there - and with good reason.


​Your private income has fallen through the floor, and although it WILL restart againwhen will that be? 3 months? 4 months? 6 months' time? And until then you're probably not going to be earning very much - if anything - privately at all.

But it gets worse. Much worse.

Because when things DO open up again - when you finally CAN see patients in clinics, endoscopy and theatre lists once again - will you have a private practice left at all?

You see, whether you earn £1 million a year privately or just £10 000 a year, you'll all be starting off from ground zero - with no patients at all. The competition will be horrendous - because whilst demand will rise, no matter how long you've been in private practice you'll be competing on a level playing field with your colleagues. You'll all be fighting for the same patients.

Which is great if you're just starting out in PP, but not so great if you've been established for several years and it's all been wiped out. Wiped out and worse still you're starting from scratch, competing with everyone else. Any advantage you had before has evaporated.

YOu'll all be competing on a 

there seem .​Whatever you used to earn privately it's now

When will we able to see patients privately face to face once again? 3 months? 4 months? In 6 months' time?

A​nd what to do in the meantime?about

And what then? Will you still HAVE any patients? Or will be you starting from scratch with everybody else - competing for the same patients at "Ground Zero"?

There IS hope.

There's a lot you can dthings will be vero right here and now to generate private income. Maybe not as much as you were earning before, but much more tha n if you did nothing at all.

Not only that there's a HELL OF A LOT you can do to ensure that when you finally CAN see patients privately again - in 3, 4, 6 months or whenever - that you DON'T start from "Ground Zero". That you start with FULL clinics, endoscopy and theatre lists from day 1. In short, that you start with a huge advantage over your competitors.

In times of change such as this the majority lose out.

Do nothing and you'll be stuffed. ACT NOW and you'll be a winner - and way ahead of your competitors.

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