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"Dear Dev,

Thank you again for all the hard work you have done for SOC. We are delighted to recommend you and am happy to speak to prospective clients.

We have worked with Dev Lall over the past few years to initiate, develop and execute a marketing strategy for our specialist orthopaedic group.

He spent some time looking at what was in place already and developed a marketing strategy that we were very happy to engage with, From the very beginning we found Dev to be extremely efficient and energising whilst being truly innovative.

His skills are obvious such as advice on website, video, SEO, patient feedback and healthcare-specific internet advertising; he is also truly an expert in re marketing strategies. Dev is also a surgeon and therefore has the ability to get straight to the heart of healthcare marketing.

He is a specialist in growing the number of referrals whilst at the same time he is keen avoid money wastage on general marketing strategies that don't allow demonstrable benefit.

Dev is always enthusiastic His manner is always engaging and his belief in what he does is clear. His demonstrable results speak for themselves. He truly is the private practice expert.'"

Paul Trikha

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Surrey Orthopaedic Clinic

"I'd been a consultant cardiologist for about 2 years & decided it was about time I improved my private practice. I was getting a not so amazing 2 new private patients per month.

I'd heard Dev harp on about making a website & using adwords etc. I took the plunge with both techniques & it has actually worked (I hate it when surgeons are right). After around 3 months of the website going live & without doing anything else (increasing GP talks is planned), I am now getting around 2 new private patients per week. I am now obligated to try & implement other bits of advice from Dev but will only tell him if they don't work....."

[Quadrupled the number of patients generated by from his website, lost £78 000 over 13 months through leaving his website unchanged]

Consultant Cardiologist

"My cataract surgery numbers have gone up to 2 to 3 a week from 1 a fortnight. The AMD campaign has increased my referrals but to a lesser degree...

...Well done!"

[Was earning £42 000 pa privately when we started working together, successfully grew his private income to between £168 000 and £252 000 within a year]

Consultant Ophthalmologist,


"Working with Dev Lall the Private Practice Expert I have nearly doubled my private practice income in 3 years"

[Increased private income from £500 000 pa to almost £1 000 000 pa]

Consultant Oncologist


"I have benefitted greatly from working with Dev in building my private practice. He has put a huge amount of work into his email, written and audio-visual presentations all of which contain really helpful advice to maximise income. The information he has given me makes a lot of common sense but wouldn't be immediately obvious to a lot of doctors. Since following his advice, which is essentially a, step by step guide, in my first year I have increased my income by at least 400%. I will continue to follow his guidance as a mentor and highly recommend joining the very unique service he offers through "The Inner Circle" to those professionals who want to accelerate their income."

Consultant Urologist


"I have known Dev for several years. Dev is a straightforward character that will tell you 'as it is'. In the business world, a large majority beat around the bush rather than telling you directly where you are going wrong. Some people shy away from such a direct approach but if you're running a business, then ideally you want someone to shake you up so that you can make improvements and find ways in which to succeed.

Dev's honesty is both endearing and refreshing because of it's rarity.

Dev has achieved considerable success in mentoring other Doctors to help grow their private practice. On a marketing level, he pushed me towards a pay per click campaign which resulted in a client engaging in our services. Dev also has his own product in pay per click marketing and is an expert in helping others get more visibility in google to bring targeted traffic to their website.

I have no hesitation in recommending Dev's services if you are looking to grow your own business."

Sam Adodra

Director, ImageShield

"As someone new to private practice, Dev provides invaluable advice on what to focus on to build my practice. He helps you define concrete goals and how to achieve these. Our chat was the most useful conversation I have had since starting my practice."


Consultant Urologist

"Dev is... someone who empowers doctors to take control of their careers and ultimately improve standards of care (as competition increases). Change is coming, either evolve or perish"

Vasu Karri

Consultant Plastic Surgeon

"Since working with Dev The Private Practice Expert my private practice has grown by 35%. Thank you!"

Professor Iqbal Shergill

Consultant Urologist

I have been working with Dev for the last 6 months in an attempt to restructure my psychiatry practice during the pandemic. Although my expectation was I would not be able to see any patients during lockdown, following Dev's advice resulted in a 20 percent increase in turnover.

With his guidance, we have set out a roadmap for a complete service provision overhaul. To do that, we are now collaborating on developing a new website. If the previous results are anything to go by, I can't wait to see the impact of that!

Dr Martine Stoffels

Consultant General Adult, Old Age and Rehabilitation Psychiatrist.

I credit you with the single best decision I’ve ever made in my private practice – thank you!


Consultant Paediatrician

Private practice? I just wish I’d talked to Dev about all this 6 years ago - from Day 1 in my private practice.

It would have saved me so much time and effort from the outset!

He knows (in any specialty) what’s important to focus on, where you can save on a lot of less effective activity and effort, and what actually works in terms of attracting patients and maximising the patient experience.

And as a result, obviously what will really work to boost your income and profit.

The combination of the above is something only a clinician as experienced as Dev can offer at this level I think.

Highly recommended.

Even his regular emails with interesting insights will really make you think about how you go about your private work.

Dr. Amandeep Grewal

GP & Aesthetic Medicine Consultant

Eden Health and Wellness

“Private practice is tough at the moment. Many of us have had to stop operating because of the pandemic, but we know that there is a huge backlog of work waiting to be done.

I’ve been working with Dev for nearly 18 months. Dev’s experience of being a surgeon and an entrepreneur means that he really understands the challenges that we face. He’s helped me to build a coherent plan to help patients find their way to my practice through my website, social media and YouTube channel. His expertise, experience and encouragement have been incredibly helpful to me during this difficult time.”

Mr. Jeremy Latham

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

“I had a great session with Dev. I’ve been struggling getting my business off the ground just one call with Dev was like a lightbulb going on! It made perfect sense and he diagnosed exactly where I was going wrong. Dev took time to go through a plan and I didn’t feel rushed at all. Cannot recommend Dev highly enough”

Dr. A. A

General Practitioner

“Dev [built] a new website for me which has resulted in a significant increase in the amount of patients I’ve been seeing…thanks very much Dev!”

Consultant Urologist

“I’ve told my friends to join your Group. Quality speaks for itself.”

Dr. Ahmed

General Practitioner

“If you have the opportunity to work with him, you should. One of the great tragedies inside the medical profession is that we get so tied up in ‘doing our thing’ that we don’t make the space to create the wealth and to systemise things and have the lifestyle that we want…

….if you get the opportunity to work with him look out because you’ll get your life back and it will make a big difference!”

Dr. Joanna Martin


“[If you are] thinking of starting out in PP Dev is the perfect person to help you out with that”

Mr. A K

Consultant ENT Surgeon

“Dev's thoughts and insight into my practice was invaluable. It helped me structure my ideas about what we might do, and he helped make that happen.”

Dr. M W

Consultant Physician, London

“In the last few months, I have been working with Dev on effective marketing strategies. As doctors, this is not something which comes naturally to us, so unsurprisingly, I am in need of some practical help. Since the implementation of his latest strategy 4 weeks ago, I have had 4 new referrals, which translates into up to £40 000 of work for the next year…

…I recommend working with him to anyone who wants to grow their private practice more effectively, quicker and more substantially. The sky can indeed be the limit.”

Dr. S.

Consultant Psychiatrist.

“If you are serious about increasing your private practice, I would definitely suggest you speak with Dev to see how he can help. He knows medicine, and he knows marketing. You can be in control of how many private patients you see. It is however hard work. If your heart isn’t in it, don’t bother, but accept that you’ll never know how your practice may have grown. I was torn, but took the plunge and by working with him one-on-one and following his advice, I provide a better service than ever for my patients, and my income increased 5 fold in a little over a year.”

Dr. C.C.

Consultant Cardiologist

I was introduced to Dev the Private Practice Expert by an orthopaedic surgeon friend. I was really just starting out in my private practice, earning about £35 000 per year and finding it difficult to grow. Worse my hospital had a ton of problems with a dysfunctional department and established consultants taking almost all the private patients.

He was holding a two day meeting in Ireland which my colleague was attending – and to be honest on the strength of his £30 000 guarantee that if you followed his advice and didn’t make at least an extra £30 000 income he would refund the course fee – I decided to take a chance and go along.

A year and a half later I am making £100 000 through my private work. Patients specifically ask to see ME rather than other cardiologists and I have a waiting list to see me privately. Not only that Dev encouraged me to start a heart screening programme for patients and that is slowly but surely starting to take off too.

Everything Dev said has absolutely come true. I am so very grateful that I met him – now I am in control of my income and am in a position to consider dropping NHS sessions in the future.

I would not have achieved any of this without Dev’s expertise. Thank you!

Consultant Cardiologist