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I've taken a look at your practice online and think that there is significant opportunity to grow your practice. Mindfulness is a "hot topic" and has been for a while and with the high levels of stress and anxiety from the pandemic coupled with poor availability of mental health care in the NHS there is very considerable opportunity for you to grow your practice, I think.

I would be happy to advise you on the steps to take to grow your practice, and the process works as follows:

You and I would discuss every aspect of your private practice - your current situation, your 1- and 3- year goals, as well as the opportunities and challenges you face in achieving those goals. We can do this on the phone or over Zoom as you prefer.

We will then go on to consider these critical questions:

1. In what ways can a patient who would benefit from your expertise find you and come to be looked after by you privately?

2. How can that process be improved upon, automated and scaled up?

3. How can you grow your practice despite competition from more established clinicians?

4. What active methods of promoting your practice are there that you could put into action so you can accelerate growth of the business?

These are the big questions that need answering and during our consultation I will formulate a practical, step-by-step strategy to do so.

The process I use is called the "Private Practice Growth Opportunity Analysis". I will go through your practice from top to tail and bring to bear the experience I have had in growing other GP's and consultants' private practices to find the answers to the questions above. It generally takes around an hour to an hour and a half, but there is no fixed time limit. We will address these questions and others until I am able to answer your question, namely how to grow your private practice.

At the end of this process I will lay out for you an individual, personalised Practice Growth Action Plan in which I will set out in detail what needs to be done to achieve your goals. This is in effect a tailor-made, step-by-step Blueprint to growing your practice that you can either implement yourself or give to someone else to put into action on your behalf. You should view this as a 6-12 month action template to achieve your practice goals for that year.

Growing your private practice is something I take very seriously and I want this to be a success for you. Therefore following our discussion we will schedule two further consultation calls at 3 and 6 months later. Each of these consultations will last 30 minutes and will give you the chance to ask questions or discuss any problems you may have encountered in implementing your Practice Growth Action Plan. I find this is very helpful in encouraging people to follow through and turn their Plan into reality because implementation is the key to success..

During the 6/12 after your Practice Growth Opportunity Analysis you also get priority email access to me where again I will offer practical advice and assistance in dealing with any issues that may arise as you implement the Plan.

Finally, some GPs and consultants want my personal assistance in implementing their Practice Growth Action Plan and I do work with clinicians one-on-one in this way. However I think it only fair to say that because this is working personally hand-in-glove with me in a results-driven, intensive programme I am very selective about who I work with. I currently turn away 60% of the requests I get to work one-on-one like this because although everyone says they want success, few are willing to invest the time, effort - and yes, money - to create that success. It cannot be achieved overnight or without effort.

The fee for the Practice Growth Opportunity Analysis is £699. It is fully tax-deductible as a business expense and I will of course provide an invoice for your accountant.

The fee includes:

• Initial consultation and Practice Growth Opportunity Analysis

• Formulating your tailor-made, personalised Practice Growth Action Plan

• Follow-up implementation and strategy calls at 3/12 and 6/12 to help you get things done

• 6/12 priority e-mail access to me personally in case of difficulty

• Help and advice as necessary again from me personally to put your Practice Growth Action Plan into action.

Finally, I am so confident in the power of implementing your Practice Growth Action Plan that I offer a £30 000 Money-Back Guarantee:

Put your personal Practice Growth Action Plan to work in your private practice and see the results for yourself. If you implement everything I advise and a year later have not earned at least £30 000 extra as a result I will refund your consultation fee in full.

£30 000 extra income or your money back. Simple as that.

If you have any questions let me know - happy to have an informal chat first if you'd like
Who this is for:

Who this is NOT for:

MY COMMITMENT TO YOU is to give you the very best advice I can on how to grow your practice based upon many years of experience across many different specialties - and in complete confidence.

YOUR COMMITMENT TO YOURSELF must be to apply the principles, tactics and strategies I describe - even if you don't believe they will work - and to look at the results you achieve. 

Your old way of thinking has got you this far. To achieve more, to break beyond the results you've achieved so far, you're going to have to think and ACT very differently.

If you cannot agree to this simple and honest approach - please, save us both the heartache and seek advice on growing your practice elsewhere.

I'm picky about the people I work with for a simple reason.

They want results.

And so do I.

OH and here's another thing:

The point of our introductory call is for me to decide:

1. CAN I help you?

2. Do I WANT to help you? Working hand in glove means, well, working hand in glove. No point doing that if we aren't a good fit and get on , is there?

3. Are you willing and able to PAY for my help? Your expertise doesn't come cheap (and if it does, we'll fix that right away, my firend) but neither does mine. And if you view that as a cost - without thinking about the rewards that go with it - you're not ready.



Write out disclaimer - you are responsible for your results

Best wishes,

Dev Lall BSc(HONS) MB ChB FRCS(Eng.) FRCS(Gen. Surg.)

The Private Practice Expert Founder
The Academy of Private Practice

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