Consulting is often how people first come into my world, and the process is really quite straightforward and works in one of two ways:

If you are a solo consultant or a small group practice 

You and I speak either on the phone or over Zoom and have a full and frank (and entirely confidential, of course) discussion about your private practice. Your current situation, what your goals are, the challenges you face and your aspirations for the future. We look at your website, what you've done so far to try and grow your practice and so on.

Once I have a full understanding of your practice and where you would like to be in the future I will then discuss in detail the steps I think would most rapidly take you to your goal. By the way this isn't some sort of airy-fairy nebulous discussion, it is a series of concrete steps you can take to increase you private income. Some of the questions I will answer include:

  • In what ways can a patient who would benefit from your expertise find you and come to be looked after by you privately?
  • How can that process be improved upon, scaled up and even automated?
  • How can you grow your practice despite competition from more established clinicians?
  • What active methods of promoting your practice are there that you could put into action so you can accelerate the growth of patient numbers and income?

At the end of your consulting session you will leave with a step-by-step, colour-by-numbers plan to help you achieve the private income you aspire to.

You can then take that away and implement it yourself or approach someone to implement it on your behalf.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, it comes with a cast iron, £30 000 money-back guarantee.

To get the full details of how the consulting process works, click here to get in touch.

If you are a larger practice

Here the process is similar but I can come to you for either a half-day or a full-day of consulting at your practice.

Again we will go through everything about how your practice currently works and your goals for the future and then I will take you through the steps to solve current issuse and problems and to achieve the income growth you desire.

Again, I offer a full, cast-iron money-back guarantee to the tune of £30 000.

To get the full details of how the consulting process works, click here to get in touch.

But before you do, consider this:

MY COMMITMENT TO YOU is to give you the very best advice I can on how to grow your practice based upon many years of experience across many different specialties - and in complete confidence.

YOUR COMMITMENT TO YOURSELF must be to apply the principles, tactics and strategies I describe - even if you don't believe they will work - and to look at the results you achieve. 

Your old way of thinking has got you this far. To achieve more, to break beyond the results you've achieved so far, you're going to have to think and ACT very differently.

If you cannot agree to this simple and honest approach - please, save us both the heartache and seek advice on growing your practice elsewhere.

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