Mentoring – how it works

1 - on - 1 calls every 2/52 for 2/12 to get you started

Thereafter every 4/52

Monthly group calls

3x a year meet as a group for 2/7

Unlimited access to me by email - only proviso is you are not allowed to ask the same question twice

Emergency call if sudden issue in your practice

25% discount on all work my team do - websites, photography, video, phone answering service etc.

Minimum commitment 6/12 - advisory if you want to see results but can leave any time

Fee - £1250/month

Pay 6/12 in advance - £100/mo discount

Pay 12/12 in advance - £150/mo discount

Who this is for:

Who this is NOT for:

MY COMMITMENT TO YOU is to give you the very best advice I can on how to grow your practice based upon many years of experience across many different specialties - and in complete confidence.

YOUR COMMITMENT TO YOURSELF must be to apply the principles, tactics and strategies I describe - even if you don't believe they will work - and to look at the results you achieve. 

Your old way of thinking has got you this far. To achieve more, to break beyond the results you've achieved so far, you're going to have to think and ACT very differently.

If you cannot agree to this simple and honest approach - please, save us both the heartache and seek advice on growing your practice elsewhere.



Write out disclaimer - you are responsible for your results

OH and here's another thing:

The point of our introductory call is for me to decide:

1. CAN I help you?

2. Do I WANT to help you? Working hand in glove means, well, working hand in glove. No point doing that if we aren't a good fit and get on , is there?

3. Are you willing and able to PAY for my help? Your expertise doesn't come cheap (and if it does, we'll fix that right away, my firend) but neither does mine. And if you view that as a cost - without thinking about the rewards that go with it - you're not ready.

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